Our Mission


To allow individuals to be more engaged and enjoy a more fulfilled life.  Club ASPIRE staff support participants and their families; embracing the belief that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.




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A program designed for active adults who have special needs due to intellectual and developmental disabilities. Enjoying a Life Well Lived – with Dignity & Respect. Club ASPIRE’s program enhances the quality of life for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by promoting an active and Healthy lifestyle.


Club Aspire Stands for:





Recreation with


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Program Goals & Objectives:


Self-awareness and self-assurance are vital precepts of our core philosophy.  Developing the ability to see how you are perceived by others is one of the biggest steps that any individual with developmental disabilities can make.  The triumphs of our participants as they navigate life and interact appropriately in various situations helps them become contributing members of the community at large.

Participants engage in developmentally appropriate social and skill building activities.  They address basic goals such as maintaining personal hygiene, seeking medical attention when needed, exercising to stay healthy, buying the right foods to eat a nutritionally balanced diet and selecting weather appropriate clothing.

Club ASPIRE is located in  Pasadena, California, the ‘City of Roses.’  The program ratio is 1:4, with small teams facilitating practical small group instruction.  Program activities take place in the greater community as much as possible.



ASPIRE Adventures

On the road...

ASPIRE Adventures is the newest program of Club ASPIRE/CMWIA.  We provide weekend getaways for our participants and their friends that are safe, unique and adventurous.  We offer age appropriate recreational overnight outings to hang out with friends and experience life to its fullest; providing affordable social opportunities which are not the norm for this population.


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High Spirits Dance

dance, dance, dance.

Developmental fitness, Creative Movement and Dance, Weekly classes and community performances. Classes:

Saturdays 1:30 - 2:30 in the Altadena/Pasadena area.


Christian Men & Women in Action


This section is coming soon.  


& Monthly Activities

Club Aspire

Dance/Movement, Rhythm, Art, Cooking, Pet Therapy, Meal Planning, Shopping, Mobility Training, Community Field Trips, indoor & Outdoor Sports, Swimming, Hiking,  Basketball, Soccer, Neighborhood Walks. Civitan Special Friends, Quarterly Theme Parties (Club ASPIRE provides transportation for activities during program hours only).

The Club ASPIRE program is designed to achieve the following goals:

*Maximize potential within families and communities

*Acquire new skills compatible with capabilities and preferences

*Reinforce newly acquired and previously achieved skills in an integrated environment

*Social Skills Training- learning to make and keep friends, understanding other’s feelings and interacting with society

*Coping Skills – making choices and problem solving

*Help promote self-confidence, responsibility and independence as participants plot the course of their adult lives

*Healthy Lifestyles – daily exercise and fresh food choices for a healthier life


The Club ASPIRE program allows active adults to participate in age-appropriate activities within a supportive atmosphere.  We foster the positive development of friendship and utilize the community for social, educational and leisure experiences.

Individual action plans are prepared based on the participants’ stated interests.  Social, cognitive and affective therapies are also included within the daily activities.

The program schedule includes activities in the community to teach skills necessary for shopping, health, safety, money management, use of public transportation, as well as, social and public recreational facilities.